x20dth camshaft forged steel camshaft used for nis vehicle 636006

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A camshaft is a rotating cylindrical shaft used to regulate the injection of Billet steel camshafts are seldom found outside of luxury cars. . for camshaft other than chilled cast iron and billet steel: forged steel, gray cast iron or nickel steel.

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A camshaft is a shaft to which a cam is fastened or of which a cam forms an integral part. In internal combustion engines with pistons, the camshaft is used to operate is required, engine builders and camshaft manufacturers choose steel billet. This is used on the pre-World War I Peugeot and Mercedes Grand Prix cars.

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Cast iron camshafts have long been used for light commercial vehicles, while medium to heavy commercial vehicles have resorted to forged steel camshafts.

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A camshaft in an internal combustion engine makes it possible for the engine's valves The camshaft is a cylinder that aligns with the engine's cylinders. Most modern vehicles have dual overhead camshafts, with one camshaft assigned to 

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The camshaft uses lobes (called cams) that push against the valves to open them as the camshaft rotates; springs on the valves return them to their closed